Finding the Right Doors

My faith in God is important to me. He loves me unconditionally and gives me comfort and strength. Even though I trust God will answer my prayers, I sometimes have my mind made up about how He should respond. I’ve even repeated the same prayer, unwilling to accept His answer. God knows me well. That I tend to make my life more difficult by being stubborn. At times trying to walk through the same doors over and over again. He recently gave me this anecdote from my life as a lesson;
As I arrived at work recently, I could see my coworker ringing the buzzer to the back employee entrance. From my vantage point, I could see what my coworker was unable to see. A few feet to the left of where she stood was the large, wide-open loading dock door. The entire time she was ringing the buzzer, she had access to the building. By being so focused on the door she wanted to go through, she failed to see this.
Now when I’m praying, I visualize myself standing at that door, buzzing. but I’m remembering to look up to see if there are other doors open. Instead of insisting upon my way (which either doesn’t work or doesn’t go well at all!) I’m trying to go through the doors God has opened for me. Even if I’m unsure of what lies on the other side. I can rest assured that God is with me, and trust in His will for my life.