Reasons to Call Uber (Other Than Being Drunk)

1) You and your BFF just got a mani-pedi and don’t want to mess it up.

2) Your movie at the Super-Comfy Cinema just ended and you’re so relaxed from reclining in that buttery- soft chair that you won’t be able to focus on driving let alone walking to the door.

3) It’s been a great day of shopping but suddenly you’re in GHM (get home mode) but too tired and frazzled. And you want home NOW.

4) You’ve just finished Christmas shopping at the local mall and you’ve parked so far away that a shuttle to your car would be nice. Hey….

5) You’re on a blind date from hell and need an escape so you use the handy Uber app to summons a car to whisk you away.

6) There is someone you’ve been wanting to stalk but they would recognize your car.

7) The Christmas tree you’ve just purchased is rather large and you don’t want to scratch your new car.

8) The girls’ brunch before shopping and lunch buffet after, leave you feeling bloated as a whale.

9) You’re at the store and can’t remember where you even parked.

10) It’s Christmas and church is so busy that fellow worshippers are parking at the big box store fifteen miles away.

11) You wanted to feel important so you insist the driver wear a Chauffeur’s Hat and tell him to call you “Miss Daisy”.

12) You’ve just enjoyed several rounds of an all-you-can-eat buffet and you’re in a sort of food trance and can’t drive

***This is for fun and laughs, of course 😃 Number eleven is a reference to the movie “Driving Miss Daisy” if you’re too young to catch that joke.