God Loves Henry

Back in the spring of this year, my 18 year old daughter told me she was pregnant. I cycled through about every emotion you can imagine. Disbelief. Anger. Sorrow. This didn’t fit in MY plan at all and was definitely not how I envisioned my daughter’s life. The “what-ifs” were numerous and consumed me.

As I reflected on the path of destruction my daughter had been on ( before she found out she was pregnant). My thoughts began to change. I began to notice how this pregnancy had set her on a different path. One that kept her from destruction,, as she knew she shouldn’t drink or do drugs anymore. If you ask her, this baby Henry saved her life. I agree.

Acceptance. I decided I needed to accept this and embrace the blessing this baby was going to be to our family. That he in some ways, already was. After all, I was proud of my daughter because I realized she had chosen life instead for this child.

“This will be expensive” and “How is this going to work” became common questions from some family members. Let me tell you something. God loves baby Henry. His provisions for this new soon-to-be-born little guy have overwhelmed me.

Without even approaching anyone or asking for anything, this is what has been provided through friends, teachers, coworkers of my daughter and friends of mine:

  •  Newborn, 6-9mos and 10-12mos clothes both new and gently used
  •  Car seat
  •  Crib (a friend has a crib but no mattress. Another friend had a mattress no crib!)
  •  Crib mattress
  •  Bassinet
  •  Cloth baby carrier
  •  Baby bouncer/saucer
  •  Nursing pillow
  •  Numerous toys
  •  High chair
  •  Blankets, receiving blankets, burp cloths
  •  Largest collection of the cutest boy bibs ever

Wow. Each time I thought of an item we didn’t have, we received it. Through her school, my daughter and baby have been “adopted” by a local church group. This group has provided diapers, clothes and will provide some food as well.

This to me is the perfect example of God taking a situation that isn’t ideal and using it for His glory. Taking a life altering event that many people view in a negative way and fashioning it into a beautiful story of His grace. His provisions for a life He already knew about. I stand in awe of a God that loves us, the beautiful mess that we are.