Describing Deb

What About Deb?

Laughter * Smiles * Reading * Movies * Music * Dancing * Family * Coffee * Candy *  Vintage * Flowers * Photography * Crafts * Glitter and Sparkle

I think Fall is the best season because it appeals to all five senses

  Sugar is my favorite food group

Child of God, saved by Grace


Why Do I Blog?

Quite simply, I love to write. I especially like to write about everyday life and it’s quirks and imperfections. I’m a firm believer that when we experience hard times, it equips us to help others with the same struggles. But we must be willing to share. I attempt to do this, and with a sense of humor when at all possible.


Leaving a Comment?

I welcome comments and conversation on my posts!  I’m not opposed to constructive criticism.  But please comment kindly.  I appreciate humor so feel free to post fun comments too. Please refrain from arguing with me or any other person who comments. Life’s too short and if you don’t like my style of writing, my beliefs or point of view, you’re welcome to read another blog. It’s that easy.


Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I realize the options are endless and I appreciate you stopping by!

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