Poetry Practice

I am not a hoarder. In fact I tend to get rid of things too quickly. Unfortunately that included getting rid of my poetry from high school because it was sad. Trust me. I get the irony.

Starting to write poems again. Here is one I wanted to share. I didn’t follow any rules. I just wrote. Not excellent, yet not terrible. Comments welcome but be gentle. If you’re harsh with me my next poem might include a reference to you 😉 (That’s called “a joke”)

The pain
Resides in my heart,
Forever churning
Tears well up
Falling from my eyes
No longer hiding,
In the depths
Of my soul…

It aches
Steals the smile
That my face once wore.

To escape
The black veil
That resides
Over my life.


To conquer
This bleak
And hopeless feeling

God, please save me now.
Lift me
From the pits
Of the angst
I feel
Return to me
My smile
My joy
My reason.

Debra Finnegan© 2015


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