My Dog Owen

The puppy that we recently added to the family has been here 2.5 weeks and is now 10 weeks old.  He’s been pretty good with his behavior and even goes potty outside. Most of the time.

When he first arrived here we had snow and bitter cold, so he never ventured far from door to do his business. As the snow thawed and the weather warmed, I picked up the little poops he’d left. However, now that the snow was melting, he was running out of places to go because he felt most comfortable pooping in the snow.  Perhaps a snow maker for the backyard?!  In a previous posting, I wrote about Owen and how he’s “mine”.  He’s definitely mine when certain things occur.

For instance, on a warmer day recently, I went out with him as he felt like expanding his boundaries.  He finally got down the step of the patio (going down steps makes him nervous because he’s so small his body barely makes it to the next step without looking like he’s going to tip over) and started sniffing around and, of course, eating twigs, leaves, grass and yes,  poop.  I saw him chewing on something and went to retrieve it and it was cat poop.  Feeling as if I needed to wash his mouth out with soap to kill the bacteria while I simultaneously was repulsed, I brought him in and put him in his kennel.  We will have to put a stop to that because I can’t just pick up all the cat poop. For some reason cat poop doesn’t have to be picked up whereas dog poop does? It’s a mystery to me, but men usually have there reasons. (Probably not a good one though) But I digress.  At these times, he’s my dog.

Sometimes he gets lazy and doesn’t go outside to do his business. Either that or we lose site of him long enough that it’s too late.  If he has a chance, he likes to poop under the Christmas tree.  Interesting. Thankfully they are small “gifts”!  He’s mine during those times too.  Even if I wasn’t home when the said pooping occurred.  It’s there for me when I get home.

When he’s playing and cuddly and cute, everyone loves Owen! The family gathers around and we talk about how cute he is, or cute things he’s done.  Several photos are taken, of course.

Then there’s the biting.  He loves to play but he’ll nip at you if you let him and eventually just chew on you like a bone.  He’s my dog!  I’m working on that one by yelping when he does this.  I feel silly yelping all day but it does work.  He’s also fond of my shoes, so I sense some Bitter Apple in his future.

My work tie. He loved that.  It was, yes was a clip-on.  Now it’s a strip of fabric, narrow on one end, wide on the other, with a plastic piece that goes on it somewhere and then you tie it. It’s not tied like a regular tie though and I can’t get it put together again.  I stare at it as if it’s a Rubix Cube (never good at those). In my defense, I’m left handed and this item was put together in a right-handed way, so I’m having to think backwards. A new tie is $5!  (I think I’ll treat myself) Definitely my dog when he does that.

Yeah, he pees sometimes too.  But always on an area rug by the door because he was paper trained and apparently thinks he’s at the Trump Towers now and we use rugs instead of paper.

My favorite is the 4am bathroom breaks followed by what he would like to be playtime.  Yeah.  Four as in four in the morning.  I prayed that he wouldn’t wake up at four today.  He didn’t.  He woke up at 3:50am. God has a sense of humor, doesn’t he?!

At times I’m exhausted and I get frustrated with him.  I long for him to just behave and grow up enough that the behavior stops. But do you know, I wouldn’t change it for the world?  He brings so many positive things to our family that I patiently work with him to stop these habits. It’s fun to see him succeed and give him a treat.  Also praising him with a high pitched “Good boy!” ( because when we talk to dogs we talk high pitched baby talk for some reason) is preferable to yelping all day. Owen calms my nerves at times.  He gives me love when I need it and asks nothing in return.

I actually did spend the entire year wanting a dog and I did pray for one. When the time was right, God did provide. I just need to remember that training Owen is a gift, and though God did provide a puppy for me, He never said it’d be easy, just as our lives aren’t always easy.  But well worth the trip!

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