Puppy’s Nicknames

One week into owning a new, little puppy dog and he’s still just adorable!  He reminds me of taking care of a baby.  (Except when we went out to dinner and left him in his kennel. We wouldn’t do that with babies). Haha!  Anyhow, he gets up in morning, goes outside to do his thing, comes back in full force and plays, plays, plays.  This morning time and at around 4-5pm he gets super wound-up.  Like he’s had a few Red Bulls with espresso chasers or something.  This weekend I’ve thought of different nicknames for him, that are safe to say out loud, when he’s wound up.

First up would be Piranha.  When he’s wound up, he latches onto the closest thing to him with his tiny, razor-sharp baby teeth and once you shake him off from there, he’s onto the next and closest thing he can fit his mouth on.  While I don’t remember much of the movie titled “Piranha” I remember the attacks on the people in the river!

Next up would be Chainsaw.  Once his teeth are attached, you shake him off, and he’s onto the next object without slowing down!  At the same time he makes this low, constant motor-sounding growl.  He cuts a quick path of destruction if given the chance.  Somehow, even though he’s moving swiftly, at times he’s still able to make a poopy, crap on the floor, make a deposit, have an accident, or whatever you like to call it.

Sometimes I think his teeth are like magnets and I’m the attraction (because he seems to have a certain liking to my skin and/or my shoes, slippers, coat, etc).  He latches on and I try to get his tiny jaw detached from me or the object without breaking him because he’s so tiny.  Plus his mouth is about the size of a guinea pig so I don’t have much to get hold of.

Just so you know, puppy Owen and owner Deb weren’t harmed in these instances.  What usually ends up happening is I just put him in his kennel to chill while I catch my breath.  I need to get a book or Google how to keep puppies from biting and chewing.  The only method I remember is hot sauce and it seems rather inconvenient to wear hot sauce everyday and put it on objects around the house.

For now he’s napping. That’s how I’ve managed to type this blog uninterrupted.  It’s about time for him to eat though, and if I don’t get him up he won’t sleep through the night. (He is like a baby!)  So until next time…..

I’m super-cute, as you can see!
I’m also well loved 🙂

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