We Could Name Him "Therapy"

I’ve been wanting a puppy dog for awhile.  Pretty much all of this year.  I even have a Pinterest board titled “I’m Getting a Puppy in 2013” so you know I was serious. Because if I post it on Pinterest I definitely do it (oh wait.  That’s an entirely different topic!).

Last Saturday, I got him.  He’s my puppy now because I prayed for him.  I have no doubt that God wanted me to have him.  You see, I’d been praying especially this past month for a puppy.  I needed the soothing comfort a dog can bring.  I first saw his picture on Facebook.  At the time I wasn’t even looking for him but there he was!  There were two puppies left, and I liked the one on the right.  He was too much money for me though and no one wanted to buy him for my birthday.  So I didn’t pursue that.

Well, a couple of weeks later there he was again!  The adorable white and tan stuffed animal look-alike.  A shih-tzu/chihuahua mix.  As Shih-Chi.  He was still available and I had enough to buy him for my birthday.  His owner and I worked out a deal, and my family and I went to pick him up.  Loved him right away.

On the way home, my two daughters took turns passing him back and forth to be fair.  By the evening I was hoping for everyone to go to bed so I could have a chance to hold my puppy! (He is technically mine because I paid for him for my birthday, but since I’m a mom all of my property is shared with the family. At least my family thinks that way!).

What to name him.  The next day as my daughter and I sat with him and took turns holding him, I mentioned that we could call him Therapy because he’d save me money on just that!  I paid three sessions worth for him!  He really was bringing joy to the house.

A week later we all still adore him, only I’ve noticed the girls don’t love him so much that they’d take him out to go to the bathroom or keep him from chewing on things.  During those times he actually is “mine” to take care of!  The cat seems scared of him or annoyed, and puppy just wants to play.

Owen is what we named him.  I liked the name and I took the liberty of having final say since, again, he’s mine. (I’m sharing him!) Owen after Owen Wilson, who had a broken nose that healed kinda flat in one spot, and the puppy has a flat face.  Also I like Owen Wilson the actor, and, the puppy looks like an Owen.

So, my prayers were answered as was my Pinterest board (wink, wink).  I’m thankful God heard my prayer and cares so much that even a mid-forties woman can get a puppy prayer answered.

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