We Are Like Snowflakes

Here in Colorado we’ve had a pretty mild winter.  However, this morning we had a quick moving snowstorm come through.  Enough to snarl rush hour traffic and leave a couple inches before moving on, for the most part.

Having a job where I am often required to go outside, I noticed the intricacy of the snowflakes today.  How when they fell it was as if they were little cotton puffs with a hint of glitter to make them sparkle.  (I know it’s the light that makes them sparkle, but I like to say God puts glitter in them because He knows I love it!).  The snow is so beautiful before it gets all scrunched down and dirty.

I was reminded of a time that my youngest daughter and I were at home with the window open, watching the snow land on the window boxes and looking at the snowflakes through magnifying glasses.  (Amazing detail is in each one!  I don’t know how one can view snowflakes and not know that there is a God.  But I digress.)   As we watched it snow that day, we talked about the Chris Tomlin song Indescribable and the line in the song where he mentions “Heavenly storehouses laden with snow”.   It’s one of my favorite memories!

God made us like snowflakes in that we’re all individual.  No two of us are ever exactly alike.  Yet we are all beautifully and uniquely crafted and capable of being a sparkle (a light, in other words!) to the world if we allow Him to use us for His Kingdom.

So today, I’m thankful for snowflakes!

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