Anemia: Why I Was a Dizzy Blonde This Week

One of the first symptoms I had of RA was anemia.   After the swollen, warm joints, stiffness set in, I became anemic.  Since it took at least one year to get an accurate diagnosis of RA and another six months to get the right meds, it is not a feeling I will ever forget.   Unfortunately, it returns to haunt me now and again.
With RA, when you have a flair up, you can become anemic too.  It’s an anemia of chronic disease.  Anemia of course, is a deficiency of red blood cells which carry oxygen to your vital organs.  One being your brain.  (Hence the title reference to being a dizzy blonde!).
I usually realize the symptoms right away but this time it struck differently.  The first symptom is usually being dizzy. Then a headache, exhaustion and not being able to think clearly.  But this time it came on suddenly as I was driving.  I became confused. When my brain did kick in, I realized I didn’t know where I was or where I was going.  That was fleeting, but it scared me bad.
Later as the shock wore off, I was trying to explain to someone what happened. The person dismissed it as if it was an “old person” thing where you forget what or where you are going.  (I do hide things from myself often!  ha!).  But this was different.  And I felt very alone and afraid.   Partly because of what had happened.. But also because it was yet another reminder of my disease and the impact it has on my life.  I hate that it does.
Still feeling out of sorts today. I finally called the doctor to get some blood work ordered. This way the doctor can figure out what’s going on and help me to feel better.  Because who better to consult than my doctor?!
So I play the waiting game.  And, since I got the blood drawn, I start taking iron pills to help me get through the days 🙂

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