Deb’s Excellent Adventure That Became Not So Excellent, and the Girl That Saved the Day

It was a beautiful day in Castle Rock! Albeit a bit windy. Nonetheless, I’d told my 18 year old that she could use my van to go and apply for a job and pick me up after work. She arrived at my work to pick up the van at 3:30. At 5pm, my quitting time, she was still waiting for the interview, so I thought I’d go ahead and start walking! So off I went!

I headed north, towards the downtown area, the wind gently blowing my hair from my face and the sun shining upon it! Two blocks down and completely out of shape, I was winded and decided to sit a bit and enjoy the scenery.

I planted myself on some steps across the street from an adorable, older home with a beautiful garden. The wind still blowing gently, though it was now a criss-cross wind that was gently blowing strands of hair in my face. So I did what a teenager would do and took pictures of myself with my camera phone and sent them to my girls. I continued to just relax and enjoy the scenery around me, as I was on a street that no one frequented. (I like the pole coming out of my head in the picture and the railing ears)

After awhile, I was starting to get antsy, so I continued to walk towards my daughter’s interview location. By the time I’d crossed the tracks, I had decided I was just going to go home. However, I’d distanced myself a good 1/2 mile from my original location, which isn’t much, except that even I haven’t walked a mile in my shoes in quite some time!

Ready to cross the tracks again, a train was approaching at the same time Aimee was calling. I answered just in time to hear her ask where I was, and she was answered by a very loud train horn, thus giving her my whereabouts. I called her back and we agreed to meet on a main road, as she was out walking too.

By now my mouth was dry, the wind was no longer gently blowing my hair away from my face but whipping it around my head thus making it harder to see, and all the more warm. And this wet stuff was starting to form under my, dare I say, armpits. Was this the sweat of which people speak?

Finally making it back to my point of origin, I felt as though I might just lay down for awhile or barf. Both of which sounded nice. However, when you’re on a main road, you walk like you mean it, right? Even if you are running your hand along the railing of the bridge in case you faint. Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not much 😉

About this time, a car pulled over a distance from me and though it looked vaguely familiar, I was tired and the person waving was not clear, but I did wave back in a hesitant fashion just as a man jogged by, causing me more confusion. As I neared the car I could tell it was someone who’d come to rescue me! It was my friend! I ran to the car (I think, and if I didn’t, I would’ve if I could’ve) and she asked if I wanted a ride. “YES!” was my answer. I climbed in before she had a chance to change her mine or remove the paperwork from the seat. I was so grateful!

As we drove on, I started blabbing away due to my fatigue. And the fact that I like to talk. Further down the road, I saw Aimee and pointed her out and asked if we could pick her up. So my friend obliged and I promised that no other family members would be along the way.

Upon arriving home I received a call from my oldest daughter that, you guessed it, she was done and on her way.

Was I glad to have some time with nature? Yes. Would I choose to walk that far again anytime soon? No. Will I be able to walk tomorrow? I hope so.

Until then, here’s to you friend for being a good Samaritan and stopping to pick me up! And for listening to me babble. And for picking up Aimee along the way.

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