Just for Fun

This past week, my three girls and I took a trip to Loveland, CO to meet up with my mom, their Grandma. This is almost the halfway point between Cheyenne and Castle Rock, a bit further from our side. The point of the trip was just to get away, have fun, and shop at the shopping plaza on the east side of the highway. The entire trip was funded by Grandma, so we were thankful for that!

I always appreciate a (clean) hotel. Who doesn’t love breakfast made for you as well as a chance to actually relax, since you don’t have to clean anything up! Ok, so the bed was a bit lumpy and I’m sure my head was lower than my feet, but I digress!
Some highlights from the trip, some funny things, are listed below:
1. The lady sitting in her car at the stoplight smoking a cigarette while spraying air freshener in her car.

2. Watch out for pedestrians walking on their heads?
3. Having an older guy recite his poem about God to one of my daughter’s and myself while standing by the elevator . My daughter and I then had a conversation as to if we thought that was creepy. We both decided no, based on several factors, but that it could’ve headed that way. Great poem though!
4. USA Today newspaper. It’s fun to read that paper while on a trip:)

5. My mom asking the waiter if they had Italian dressing – at the Italian restaurant.
6. The statue by the lake in Loveland with naked people reaching for a torch. I never got the meaning behind this statue, but it made us laugh.

7. Mistakenly talking to an older lady in Barnes and Noble thinking she was my mother because I didn’t bother to look up and see if it was her! Thankfully it was just a conversation about the cool book bags and not some sarcastic comment!

8. Learning that my mom thought she could backseat drive if she preceded her comments with “don’t listen to me” or “not that I’m driving”, lol!

It was a fun trip to reconnect with my girls as their friends weren’t around and they were stuck with me! And I don’t think they minded too much either:)

I also learned it’s not a great idea to leave the photographing to your teens, as you won’t end up with many pictures of yourself, especially not in the same picture with them! But I do have this one picture with all of us, including my mom, where I set the timer and jumped in. Thank you God for camera timers!

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