Things That I Learned on the way to Children’s Hospital

After driving the same route for 3 weeks, I began to notice little things that made me smile or lol. Some things made me angry, and the Starbucks fiasco was frightening, but it’s fun to reflect. So here is a list, in no particular order and for no particular reason!
1. Super Kmart actually has some cute clothes
2. They must’ve sent an Obama bumper sticker to everyone on the planet, because they’re are plenty of them out there!
3. If I kept my coffee cup I could get a refill for 25 cents!
4. There was a store just down the street from the hospital that sold pop n’ stuff so if I need any stuff, or pop, I knew where to go. (see photo)
5. Heaven is a place on earth, however, it’s closed and you can’t trespass. And it didn’t look like what I expect heaven to look like! (see photo)
6. Children’s has a library!
7. Cresco Restaurant Supply Co. located at Alameda and I-225 is really fun to shop in. Because I really did need 1000 individually wrapped toothpicks:)
8. Headed southbound on I-225 just as you turn the bend to head west is like the autobahn.

9. In the cafeteria, they have recycling bins just big enough to fit an aluminum can through – except everything is served in styrofoam.

10. The value of an Mp3 player when every station had all commercials, all the time.

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