Well into the first week home and I’m likening it to when I was a kid on the merry-g0-round. We’d spin that thing as fast as we could, holding on for dear life, and sometimes fly off of it!

I feel like we receive much information at Children’s, and while there life was spinning very fast. Life was happening and I was doing what I could to keep up with it.

The first couple days back at work, Natasha wasn’t sitting down to eat her meals as she should, and after the previous bagel episode, I wanted to ensure that she was indeed eating. I’m now at home at lunchtime to make my girls their lunch and to make sure that Natasha especially eats it.

She’s let me know that she’s not fond of my cooking. Dad’s in Atlanta right now and she has to make do with what I can make. Granted I’m not an accomplished chef, but can’t she taste the love that I put into each meal?! I have arthritis and opening those cans of fruit is a labor of love!
And the chicken really is cooked all the way. Perhaps it has more her just missing dad than it is about what I’ve made!

As the week progresses, she’s doing better about being compliant. I’m enjoying our meals together and the conversations that we’re having.

Life keeps happening and I’m hanging on for dear life. I’m trying each day to find some joy again. Sometimes it’s just the extra change I find for that cup of coffee, or the brand new votive candles I find at the thrift store for a deal. The sewer back-up got me off track temporarily, but even that has some funny moments!

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