A Personal Assistant Please!

On the first day out of the program, I can tell you I miss having a team of people “working” for us. I miss the nutritionist and the kitchen that would make sure Natasha had the right amount of fruits, etc for the day AND prepare it! It’s left to me now to get these meal plans right. I miss having someone else teach me about the disorder instead of myself having to pick up a pick and do the research.

I’ve eluded to needing to make some changes in my own life, and the ending of the program signals to me that I can’t avoid dealing with these changes. The program along with life kept me busy enough that I didn’t have to think much about them.

This is where my personal assistant would pick up the piece for me! She would schedule the appointments we need to have, make the meals plans and purchase the food or hire someone who could, and she’d plot my life out and direct me to the right people who would help me make wise choices.

But perhaps I already have a personal assistant in God? Not to minimize His role in my life, but He certainly can give me the strength to make those appointments and plans. And believe me. Scheduling appointments and keeping up with my daughters’ health needs as well as my own can be mentally exhausting! He can also direct me to the right people and help me make wise choices.

So today I’m going to enjoy my girls’ companionship. I’m going to have some fun doing some art work and crafts with them (if they’ll join me!) and I’m going to listen to God and enjoy the peace that He has for me today and everyday.

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