Back to the routine! We’re set for an appointment with Natasha’s therapist at 10am to discuss how the weekend went. The plan is for Natasha to be released from program later in the week and moved to a once a week therapy. The therapist asks Natasha what day she thinks might be good, and I wholly expect Natasha to see “today”. However, she gives it some thought and decides on Thursday. Giving the program one more week.

She’s made such progress and to listen to her discuss these issues with such a maturity makes me so proud!

Natasha then starts her day with the other girls and I’m left with the therapist. We discuss Friday’s intense family appointment that we had with all three of my girls. This is something I am planning to address, but need to think about and draft in more than the 15 minutes I’ve allotted myself this morning. The subject matter is intense but something that’s been on my heart for a long time to share, and something I know other people deal with as well.

I head back for a few hours of work. My boss has been so understanding in letting me flex my hours and I’m so grateful for this.

At 3pm, it’s back up to Children’s for parent group. The nutritionist has a video she wants us to watch about how to avoid fights over meals. this video is absolutely ridiculous and I find it hard to sit still and keep my mouth shut. My thinking is that I can watch a video anytime. We’re here to talk and about these issues and that’s what I want to do. I want to hear from other families.

By this time in the program, many of the other girls have moved on and we’ve become one of the older patients. We have a new family today and they’ve been thrown into this on just that day and I want to take them aside and help them navigate this program, to help ease them into it. But I don’t. As I’ve mentioned before, the families really stick to themselves. The father’s who were absent at the beginning of the program have morphed into father’s who are there all the time to support their daughters as well as the mom. And I’m jealous and angry at the same time. And of course sad for my daughter as well as myself.

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