Weekend Home

Saturday was the first day in nearly three weeks that we didn’t have to get to Children’s Hospital by 10:45am. It was nice to stay up late on Friday and not get up too early Saturday. As the day progressed, I felt as if I was decompressing after being on the go for so long.

My day of relaxation at home was interrupted by the girls’ idea of what we should do with the day. Turns out they had money that just had to be spent, so a trip to Ross was necessary. This turned into everyone having a different idea of where we should go, so it was an afternoon of shopping. Yuck. No fun when you’re not the one with money!

I had a hard time sticking to Natasha’s eating schedule for the day being out and about. I didn’t bring anything for a snack for the afternoon and we ended up being out long enough that we missed it all together. We then ended up having an early dinner at Chick-fil-a, which threw off the evening snack altogether. I felt like a failure on day one of the trial run at home.

Sunday breakfast was good, but then morning snack was missed because we were in church. We had a later than usual lunch, and then I noticed that she kept wanting to add things to lunch. Like it was an all day buffet. We talked about it and she decided to try some diversion tactics and go outside to play.

I’ll take a moment to explain something about eating disorders. This binging thing might confuse some people who think anorexia is just a disorder where you don’t eat. However, eating disorders sometimes don’t fit the mold exactly, and Natasha’s is just that. The stresses that cause the food avoidance can also cause them to binge, though not necessarily purge. Furthermore, it isn’t just about eating too much or too little, it’s a way of dealing with (or not dealing with) emotions. A means of control when life seems out of control.

So back to the Sunday afternoon. Upon going outside to play, sister was there with a bag of pretzels. Temptation everywhere! I was finding it hard to keep Natasha from eating until dinner.

And dinner? What to have for dinner? I’m not a cook at all, and I’m not one who plans things, so having these complete meals that are nutritious is proving to be a challenge.

Tomorrow we’re back to Children’s for the week. First off in the morning, we’ll meet with Natasha’s assigned therapist and discuss how the weekend went and the plan for the week.

In the meantime, I need to get my act together with these meal plans at home. It’s so much easier when the hospital cooks them for you! And I need to ensure that the therapist here in Castle Rock can see her and continue her therapy.

For now we’ll try some crafts to distract. And hope that dinner magically appears in the kitchen!

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