Another Saturday. These can be discouraging to me because as one progresses in the program and starts to eat better, they get a pass for the weekend. So there are less families there. There are some new families, and that social part of me wants to chat with them and show them around, get to know them. I’ve learned to scale that back because many of the families seem to like to keep to themselves. Perhaps it’s the shock of being there and what they’ve been through so far, it’s too painful to share. After on week, it has occurred to me that I can still pray for these girls and there families.

My daughter did well during the day today. She hasn’t had soda since she’s started the program and this is starting to make her mad. She existed largely on Sierra Mist. Her lunch went well and in the afternoon she text messages me (because they can have their phones out more during the weekends) that she’s writing her life story because they have to. She loves to write, so I imagine she’s enjoying this.

At dinner we usually sit by the window in the cafeteria (they eat in the cafeteria so it’s a more social) to enjoy the sunshine. This time I’ve decided we’re sitting front and center near the therapists to perhaps keep the fighting down to a minimum. This proves to be successful and she completes the meal! Yes!

Time for the ride home. As we drive around the curve of the highway as it starts heading west, I marvel at the beautiful, majestic Rocky Mountains and think to myself “My God can move these mountains. How awesome is He!”

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