Observations About Anorexia

Quick observations that I’ve made during the past week and a few things I’ve learned:

1. Many of the girls in treatment have been in treatment before. For some it’s the third time, though not at this location.

2. Every girl in the program right now has at least one sister. Hmmm

3. Most are OCD, anxiety disorder and/or depressed

4. I did not cause the eating disorder (thankfully!)

5. These girls are really angry at the world but don’t know how to deal with that emotion

6. Anorexia is something they (think they) can control.

7. My daughter is a very strong young lady!

8. I-225 is back up from Parker to Colfax almost every day of the week at any given time

9. The Starbucks on Colfax just east of I-225 is not a safe place to be!

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