It’s Been One Week

So it’s been one week. We’ve settled into a crazy routine and I’ve grown accustomed to filling the gas tank every 3rd or 4th day.

Wednesday was good. She wasn’t able to get a pass to the 6th grade continuation, so we had to leave right after she got her “diploma”. But she was beautiful and it satisfied her need to be there. We then prayed we’d get her to program on time and God answered our prayers by having the road ahead of us empty all the way to Children’s! It was like getting a royal escort!

We arrived and she had forgotten to bring shoes to change into and decided shorts didn’t go with heels and was not happy. This along with losing her phone in the car made for a stressful start to her day. (BTW, they did give her a pair of very unattractive hospital slippers to wear and that helped).They have a yoga group today which she totally disliked. She thought it was totally new age and mentions that they talked about Evolution. We are having great conversations about these things and I wonder if her faith will grow as well.

Parent group was good that day. One new lady seemed to need to monopolize the conversation and in the end I felt for her daughter. The mom refused to see how the bulimia could make her daughter feel better. Refused. Hopefully she’ll change her way of thinking. Another mom talks about how she used to be anorexic and adds that you’d never know looking at her now because she is overweight. Even I find myself judging her, and I’m ashamed of myself. Everyone is very serious too and I’m finding it hard to not laugh and make light of things.

Thursday was a rough day. For whatever reason, she didn’t eat her lunch and it had to be supplemented. If you’ll remember, this means giving the child the same amount of calories in a Boost Plus drink as the food not eaten would’ve been. Over dinner she talks about how she really enjoys the anxiety group and she feels it’s very helpful. She didn’t eat most of her dinner, complaining about everything she had to eat. This is actually one of the anorexic’s tactics. Food avoidance. She again had to be supplemented with Boost. She seemed kind of down today. In her individual therapy she was informed that she’ll most likely be there three more weeks. She was angry about this. I know that she’s still giving it her all and I’m hopeful that she’ll continue to improve.

In the meantime, she’s making friends and getting numbers. More BFF’s to text! What more does a tween need?!

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