Damnit Dolls? (#6)

Monday being a holiday, much of the therapy staff was off, even though anorexia didn’t. The structured mealtimes were the same and some fun group activities were planned.

During parent group, the therapist spoke of how much fun the kids had making damnit dolls. These fabric dolls that they drew on and dressed up and then could hit on the table and say “damnit“. Great. The concept, I was okay with. The cursing I was not. Hopefully the damn doll doesn’t end up at home!

Tuesday was a day of therapy in the morning to discuss my daughter’s goals. After that I met up with another mother for some meal planning, a required parent activity, and some conversation. She is here from Rock Springs, WY and after three weeks in a trailer park in a not-so-nice part of town, she’s in the Ronald McDonald house. Even though it’s 30-45 minute drive each way for us, I’m thankful to have my home to come back to everyday. We share stories and it’s comforting to hear someone who understands and has been through some of the same events.

Three o’clock rolls around it’s it’s time to meet with the nutritionist. She is doing okay with eating but is refusing some items that are “easy” foods, meaning easy to eat and digest. She seems down and perhaps that’s interfering with her eating. When the entire meal is not consumed, they are given a supplement of Boost Plus, an amount to equal in calories to what they didn’t eat. This is to keep the calorie count up as they are trying to gain weight.

Time for parent group again but I’m a bit early. Another parent is in there so we chat. Her daughter has been in treatment twice before. She likes Children’s because of the parent participation. Apparently other centers don’t offer this. I’m somewhat disturbed when she asks one of the lead therapists what he thinks of a Christian based center in Arizona. He mentions that he’s been there and wouldn’t recommend it. He then makes the statement that, “It’s a Christian-based center and religion has no place in treatment. You should leave your religion out of it”. Hmmm, I’m hitting my dammit doll on the table right now. This troubles me, but I had already sensed the worldview and am not surprised.

Group starts and we’re (Natasha and I) to choose one thing that makes everyone angry but no one talks about and make a representation of it out of newspaper and tape. I’m encouraged that my daughter and I have the same idea, and even more encourage when she answers in front of an entire room of people, what she has chosen and why. A great start:)

Dinner goes well though we’re later than usual. We arrive home as her sisters are enjoying a wonderful meal from a friend. Dad? Well he’s in the kitchen cleaning everything with bleach. Perhaps that’s a way for him to deal with things.

Tomorrow is her 6th grade continuation and we’re able to make it, as it’s over at 10:30. Just in time to get to treatment for the day. Hope the tears won’t flow during the ceremony. They haven’t come yet, and I know when they do, it’ll be a mighty big hand of God to hold them all.

Thank you God!

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