It’s About Being Transparent…

We gave it much thought at prayer, and yes, this note is out of order with the others, but then in a way not so much since the answer really only came this morning. Do we keep the eating disorder under wraps? Do we pretend like everything is fine when really we’re kinda scared and a bit confused? And also a bit in denial. But is that really helping my girls if I pretend we don’t need support or if I tell them we can’t say anything about this issue? No. It’s bringing shame to something that shouldn’t have shame associated with it. And, after all, weren’t you supposed to be bone thin to be anorexic? Apparently not so much.

She could use your prayers and support during this time. We’d like to bring this out in the open so people know that it isn’t something you have to go through alone and be ashamed of. As the treatment goes on, anticipated to be 2-3 weeks intensive outpatient and then slowly tapered off to once a month check-ins, we hope to keep blogging to inform as well as let other girls (and boys, a growing population) feel safe in getting help. And also to bring humor to a serious health issue, because humor is really a helpful tool for the soul, and some things really are funny!

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