How Many Anorexics Can you Fit in an Elevator?

Friday was a full day complete with check in at 10:45am followed by my meeting with the nutrion counselor for 2 hours. Mind you I hate cooking, so making a menu was really foreign to me! But at the same time I felt excited that I was helping her get better. I learned about friendlier words to use like “satieties” (fats and oils) and units instead of calories. Using the menu, I made her meal and snack plan for the next two days. The goal is to get the patient back to a more regular eating schedule so they stop using food as a soother. Then we took a break for lunch and my next appointment was at 2pm. A meeting with the psychiatrist.

During lunch break I was to work on two more menus. However, I sat down to eat and accomplished nothing because I just stared out the window and relaxed my mind. I had asked a few friends for prayer and wow did I feel covered! Back to the unit I met with the psychiatrist to check in on how my daughter was doing. She was quiet in most groups, but was thrilled with the Friday afternoon art therapy. Not a big surprise. That evening when we got home, she had a call from a friend and was excited that she was the talk of the 6th grade class! Fame! It’s the little things and it made her feel special.

And how many anorexics can you fit in an elevator? That actually was a joke from one of the patients. As the girls were riding on the elevator a comment was made on how full it was. But one girl noted that they were anorexic so there really was room for one more! Humor is a good thing when dealing with life’s troubles.

Well, time to get ready for Saturday. Yes. Weekends too.

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