Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating Part #2

We walked over to the building that houses the eating disorder unit. Wow! After a quick tour and finding out that she could indeed keep her cell phone (it’s the little things!), she was excited! Heck yeah! It looked like something out of a Disney show! And God is so good (in many ways) and as we were leaving, the girls were arriving for day treatment and she could see that they were girls just like her.

After getting the okay from the insurance, she started treatment Thursday, the next day. On an off chance that God would answer my prayer, we had prayed that she wouldn’t have to be in the program that started at 7am. Reason? Just a selfish thought about getting up at 4:30am and traffic, but also the thought that she’d be less afraid to not be there quite as long. But I digress. Check in time was 10:45. We met with the psychologist for an hour and got to know what would be expected. An art class on Fridays? Now she was totally sold and kind of irritated that I wouldn’t leave. For the record, I still had to meet with the psychologist:) She went on her way to start participating and I finished up and left for the day for work. I had to be back by 4pm to participate in the parent group, then eat dinner with her and leave for the day at 7pm.

By the time the day was over, she wasn’t so thrilled anymore. Tapping into the emotions was not something she had signed up for. And I was convinced that there is never a time of day that I-225 wasn’t backed up headed north. She ate her dinner with a vengeance, knowing she could leave after that. On the way home she ate her snack (outside of the time alotted) and when I stopped for gas, went into the gas station bathroom. For those that know me, you gotta REALLY have to go to use a public bathroom, let alone a gas station one. This couldn’t good.

Friday she woke up with a determination to complete this. How proud I am of her willingness to just get it done!

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