Little Henry James 

My precious grandson, Henry James,  just turned 18 months old. Or as I like to say, 1.5 years. I first wrote about him in my post God Loves Henry, a year and a half ago (though it seems like only yesterday).  I swear I blinked and he was more toddler and less baby.

Henry’s presence in my life has shown me a new kind of love. A love with a richness that fills my life with joy beyond measure.

Through his eyes I see the world anew, discovering things all over again. Like the alphabet song and how it has the same melody as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, so when you first learn the alphabet song you might get to the letter O and break out into Twinkle Twinkle. Or when he first discovered his eye. He had bumped his head and was crying and he traced the tear coming from His eye with his little finger. Then with his finger in his eye he learned the word “eye”.

Henry could say “Prea” (please) to me and I’d give him the moon.  I see overpriced and beautifully frosted sugar cookies at my favorite bakery and I know right away he needs one. Where I would’ve told my own kids “No” I ask Henry how many.

If I used a color to describe Henry, It would be yellow.  A vibrant, bright and warm sunshine yellow. His smile is constant and infectious. He can fill a room with the a song of his giggles. His blue eyes so bright and inquisitive, framed with long eyelashes.  One can almost see his brain at work as he figures out how things work in this world. His soft, fine blonde hair wisps over his ears and slightly curls in the back.

Henry’s favorite thing in This world besides cookies is wheels. From the time he could scoot around he’s been obsessed with them. The wheels on his toys, on the vacuum cleaner, stroller and even the dishwasher rack. He’ll lie on the ground, one cheek flush with the floor, and move his cars back and forth, watching the wheels.  His toy shopping cart ends up on its side so he can examine the wheels on it. His interest in wheels is intense and leads me to dream of his future career. He also loves to watch cars go by. Of course. Wheels! He always whispers the word “car” as if we are being spied on and this might be a clue to our spies!  Or maybe he’s just so taken by excitement that he can barely utter the word.

Henry is cuddles and hugs. He’s laughing and babbling with an occasional, clearly pronounced word. Usually when your not listening too much and no one else is around. He’s joy and cupcake frosting. He’s cookies with grandma. Dancing in the kitchen. He’s pudgy feet and baby cankles. He has an appreciation for Peeps. Henry is love.
When I used to hear grandparents rave about how grandkids were the best blessing ever, I didn’t understand. Now that I have Henry, I know this to be true.

Henry is a blessing. I’m so glad he’s my grandson.