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A Thank You to Candace Cameron Bure


Dancing With the Stars, or DWTS as fans call it, used to be a favorite show of mine. However, life got busy and the last couple of years I’ve taken a pass on watching. I haven’t watched this season either. But I started last night and will watch every week that Candace Bure is still on as well as vote for her.  Let me tell you a few reasons why.

Candace has said she will wear modest costumes in order to be a good role model for her daughters.  Society today makes it even more difficult to be a woman. With the advent of Photoshop and airbrushed photos and makeup, it’s pretty difficult not to feel bad about the way you look when viewing the perfection in magazines and ads. I recently wrote a blog entry called  How the Sports Illustrated Magazine Made me Feel Insecure on how I feel about myself and Photoshop.  So it’s refreshing to have a woman take a stand and be tasteful and real. She’s still beautiful even without side boob or a wardrobe malfunction.

The basis for her decision is her Christian faith. As a Christian, I have grown tired of hearing all the negative comments and complaining from non-believers when a Christian tries to live out their faith. For some reason, non-believers have zero tolerance for our faith. It’s refreshing to have a positive role model in Hollywood. I imagine that it isn’t easy for her, as I feel the media mocks her. For example, I feel like a recent photo accompanying an article in the Huffington Post was chosen purposefully because it’s not a flattering photo of her. The lighting is not right and the photo doesn’t display her true beauty. The article also talked about her views on being a submissive wife, (which I completely agree with) in what I felt was a non-supportive way. When a husband treats his wife as God instructs him too, it is a perfect fit to allow him to lead. It feels right because biblically it is. (Unfortunately some men view submission as a way to control their wife. That isn’t what God called for).

So, while my vote alone isn’t going to do much to support her, it’s a start. In a small way, I feel like by supporting her I also stand up for my faith, albeit in a smaller way.   Perhaps if several more people follow along and support her, it could make a difference.  I encourage you to check out her website and perhaps support her on her DWTS venture as well.


Author: Deb

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8 thoughts on “A Thank You to Candace Cameron Bure

  1. i’ve just started rewatching Full House with my daughter – had no idea she was a christian – yay for her stance on dressing etc :) good for her!


    • That’s a great idea! Those will be special memories with your daughter! My youngest daughter is late teens so I’d probably be watching by myself. But I always enjoyed them the first time! It’s refreshing see a Christian living out their faith. Especially so publicly. I definitely would have to be prepared for the criticism that’s sure to come along with it.


  2. Love this Deb! I struggle with the images that the media puts in front of us. Despite losing 100 pounds, despite being strong and healthy, I still feel like “fit” should look like the cover of a fitness magazine. I work hard to convince myself that where I am right now is fit, healthy, strong and OK. Thanks for sharing.


    • You’re welcome! And great job with weight loss. That’s awesome! My youngest deals with anorexia and unfortunately I was originally not sensitive to the fact that the magazines I loved to look at were hardly helpful. For my daughters or myself.


  3. I find your statement of that non-Christians being non-tolerant to be incorrect. This is because the only ones you hear from ARE the intolerant ones. The tolerant ones sit back and say to themselves “live and let live”.

    Please be careful with generalities in the future.


  4. Thank you, Julienne!


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