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Don’t Trip Over Your Ego

For a couple weeks now my iPhone battery has been draining rapidly. By Tuesday I was ready to run it over and see if that helped the battery life. Instead, I chose to take it to the Apple store for repair.

Because my dog Owen had a grooming appointment, I planned the morning so I’d drop him at the groomers first. Then I’d go get my iPhone phone fixed, and come back for Owen.

After Owen was all settled into the groomers, I drove to the mall, the location of the Apple store. The Denver area was soaked with rain this week, with Wednesday being the most precipitation. No problem! I could use the chic leopard print umbrella I had purchased on vacation!

As I approached the mall entrance, I couldn’t help but feel quite fashionable! Just as I was thinking this, I opened the door to enter the mall and realized my umbrella hadn’t even locked into the open position. Um, yeah. That’s fashionable to have your umbrella on the verge of collapse!

I waited for the next Genius at the store to assist me. After looking at my phone and testing it, the Genius (The name tags all say that. Either they’re Geniuses instead of employees or they all had the same last name) wrote up a repair order and instructed me to come back in about an hour. I glanced at my watch to make sure I knew the current time, so glad that I’d thought to wear it that day!

Somewhat excited to not be tethered to my phone, therefore making it impossible for my family to reach me, I took off to the food court like an escaped convict. Chick-fil-a Gluten Free grilled nuggets and waffle fries for this girl! When I sat down, I remembered I didn’t have my phone to use, so I pulled some sermon notes from church out of my purse to peruse. First, I glanced at my watch to see the time and that’s when I realized that my watch wasn’t keeping time. Not only was the watch several hours off, but it was also running slow. I apparently was more interested in accessorizing that morning than in a working timepiece.

After asking an employee the correct time, I realized I could start walking back to retrieve my phone. The Apple Genius brought my phone out and I started walking back to my car, typing information into my phone at the same time. This proved to be a bad idea when I dropped the phone. Thankfully it bounced and didn’t break. (I’d like to think God helps me with this, as I’m pretty clumsy and haven’t ruined a phone yet. )

I pulled up to the groomers and ran in to get Owen, deciding to leave the umbrella in the car. Owen was excited to see me! When he’s excited, he likes to be up on your shoulder like a bird. He’s a smaller dog so this works. Only problem is, when he’s excited, he also pees a little. So I’m trying to pay the bill and Owen is on my shoulder trying to climb higher, as if that were possible, by digging his hind feet into my chest. Now I’m getting scratched and my shirt is falling dangerously low. Then I feel a wetness. Dang. Yeah. He peed on me. That doesn’t happen when you’re cool and together. Right?

As I drove home, the dog laying quietly on the passenger’s seat and me smelling of urine, I thought to myself how good it is, how humbling, that God loves me just as I am. Clumsy mess and all! He doesn’t care if my umbrella is used correctly. If I pray with dog urine on me? That’s ok too. He just accepts me. Perhaps he shakes His head a bit and chuckles at how Deb still is a traveling mess, but He loves me. Flaws and all. What a blessing that is in a world that doesn’t always accept us as we are. Each of us beautiful messes.

Owen looking a bit goofy after his haircut. Yet we love him anyhow, as does God.

Owen looking a bit goofy after his haircut. Yet we love him anyhow, as does God.


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