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Time for Us To Do Something

Matthew West’s song “Do Something” is a great motivational song about how instead of talking about things that we can do to better the world around us, we should actually “Do Something”. Recently one of my daughters did just this.  She felt as if God was telling her to get some food and take it downtown to the homeless.  You know what she did instead of just talking about this? She acted upon it.

Just a couple of days later while visiting, she asked me if I thought homeless people would rather have McDonald’s or a homemade sandwich. I mentioned McDonald’s, just trying to keep it simple for her and thinking the dollar menu would be cheaper. Not her. She decided to go with the homemade because it would perhaps be more special if it was handmade.

The next day I noticed her Instagram picture of a counter top full of bread slices with cheese, etc on top of them. She finished them up, loaded them into the car and along with her sister, went to downtown Denver where she parked, loaded all 50 bags on her arms and went about handing the bags out.

When I asked her what each bag contained, she said that each had a sandwich, a bottle of water and a small Bible.

Wow. My daughter made it so simple. She heard the voice of God. She acted upon it. None of the second guessing that I do if I’m uncomfortable doing what God wants me to do. No excuses about the weather or the cost. She just did it.

She didn’t brag about this act of kindness. Even with her Instagram photo she gave no details.  I only got details by asking.  She set a good example for people and even me, her mom.

Perhaps the formula my daughter used in this situation is one we could all use. Hear God and act upon it.  Don’t think too much.  Don’t over-analyze.  Don’t make excuses. Just do it.

As I finish this piece, my daughter is trying to rally up some people to go downtown with her.  She plans on doing this once a month.  I don’t know what difference it will make.  But I don know that if we act upon what God desires, He will definitely use that in some way good.

God, help me to hear your call and to respond. Help me to not over think things or talk myself out of the situations.  Help me to be as bold and brave as my daughter.  Amen.



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